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Dec 23, 2012 6:00am PST
friend. ha ha. arf> mister nicholson, are you a mender of toys? that's what i am, son. there aren't many of us left. boy, we could really use you fo - oh? well you see, my mom and some of the other ladies at church, they're gathering up old toys and fixing them for the kids at the children's hospital in capital city. there's a whole bunch of stuff in our barn. there's a lot of fixing to be done. i'd be very glad to assist your ladies, timmy. i'll offer them my services tomorrow. but for today, holly and i have come an awful long way. we'll have to leave you now and seek out a place to spend the night. it's been a great pleasure making your acquaintance, timmy. and you, too, lassie. mr. nicholson, why don't you come home with us? i'll ask mom if she can fix you a bed. holly can sleep in the barn! well, we'd be indebted to you. the barn would be find for holly and for me, too, because i've got a bed in the wagon. (9hink he'll be comfortable in there. he and timmy are getting holly good. you know, mr. nicholson is such an unusual man. his manners, and
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am PST
of course not, this is ridiculous. i have known pat for years. yeah she sure has, years and years. say this man's your foreman? yes. and when you're away do you leave him in charge of the ranch? why certainly, then how do you know he hasn't been leading a double life? listen pat has enough trouble leading one life, let alone two. yeah. i sure do. how do you explain that? sheriff, pat told you how that picture came to be taken. told him? i shouted, whistled and whispered until my voice is worn to a shatter. i might have believed you if we had found elmore kirby. and if he had backed up your story. and until we do find him... you're staying here in the custody of the law. no, them owl hoots is gonna kid nap poor elmore and if you don't find him, i'm gonna spend the rest of my life here in custardy. roy make 'em let me out of here. sheriff you're holding him on insufficient evidence and you know it. yes sir and you have no right to jail an innocent man. i am holding him for questioning and that is that. now both of you clear out. don't worry, pat. if he wasn't the law i would give him a l
Dec 10, 2012 10:00am PST
oh, my! haa ha ha! ha hha ha! [snortg] >> here we are at the embarcadero. we are standing at one of locations for the street artists. can you tell me about this particular location, the program? >> this location is very significant. this was the very first and only location granted by the board of supervisors for the street artist when the program began in 1972. how does a person become a street artist? there are two major tenants. you must make the work yourself and you must sell the work yourself. a street artist, the license, then submitting the work to a committee of artists. this committee actually watches them make the work in front of them so that we can verify that it is all their own work. >> what happened during the holiday to make this an exciting location? >> this would be a magic time of year. you would probably see this place is jammed with street artists. as the no, there is a lottery held at 6 in the morning. that is how sought after the spaces are. you might get as many as 150 street artists to show up for 50 spaces. >> what other areas can a licensed street arti
Dec 22, 2012 5:00am PST
to you by euro-pro. >> [british accent]: all right, i agree, your shark vacuum has a no loss of suction sealed system and it's easy to steer, just like me old dyson, but... [harp glissando] my new dyson has the strongest suction of any vacuum! so there. >> well... >> here we go again. >> testing proves that the new shark rotator lift-away... [harp glissando] deep cleans carpets better than your new dyson. >> what-- shark outcleans this $600 dyson? >> 'fraid so. and my new shark rotator also lifts away! >> crickey! how'd she do that? >> so i can take the rotator's incredible cleaning power wherever i need to... up stairs, on furniture, under appliances, out to the car... and now i can even put my lift-away on wheels. >> the rotator does all that? >> that's not all. my shark rotator has enhanced swivel steering, and the shark is now the most recommended vacuum brand in america. >> lord love a duck. is there anything it doesn't do? >> it doesn't cost $600. >> hey... [comical drumbeat] >> announcer: the trouble with most vacuums? as soon as you turn them on they begin to clog and lose sucti
Dec 26, 2012 2:35am EST
emotional problems of any sort. >> right. ha ha! >> so the process was awesome at the end of the day, though. because wrestling with these issues, you know... i'm a mother of two daughters. they're 22 and 24 now. and i think it's important to actually not sort of be seen to be competing with them on some kind of marketplace level. so it was great on many levels but challenging. >> is there still a stigma, linda, about gray hair? i don't see many gray-haired people featured, for example, in the pages of "allure." ha ha! >> they've been there. but there is a stigma. and i think the fact that we're here talking about it talks about the stigma. and i think that there's no question that gray hair is aging. and it's related to aging because it happens when you age. there's no denying that, and that part of it is that you lose the melanin in your hair. and, also, the hair becomes wiry and dry. so it's harder to control and coarser. and so there's--the simple association with age, but there's also this sort of psychological association that you touched on, which is that "she's let
Dec 20, 2012 12:00pm PST
sure pg&e pays its fair share of pipeline testing and replacement. on the whole the decision has been carefully crafted to make sure pg&e does not profit from the explosion in san bruno. >> why would ratepayers have to pay for work that's long overdue? >> the disenfranchised -- >> this comes after a judge ruled the utility should pay the majority of pipeline safety improvements. here are the numbers. rates are going to increase by $299 million. that is less than what pg&e wanted and pg&e sent out this statement just a few minutes ago saying, quote, today's decision confirms that pg&e's plant right path forward to build the lethal injection generation gas transmission system that californians need and deserve." it goes on to say pg&e is pleased that the cpuc approved the vast majority of work pro posted in its comprehensive and aggressive plan. but it is disappointed that the decision fails to provide reasonable cost recovery for the new standards and equipment. it also says that we're designed to deliver a much higher level of public safety for decades to come. so that work will be d
Dec 29, 2012 3:30pm PST
. they are attractive treescapes. they were very under-valued. that has not been the case for 10 or more years. >> ingleside was more of a hodgepodge. it developed piecemeal. it was not macro planned in any way. >> this looks like it was over the track, but it is not. >> you will find early reports of people saying it was a dog racing track. >> this is the racing track. this is on the southwest side. >> ingleside terraces. it is the same thing with the residents park. we will have a giant sundial with a reflecting pond. it has pillars around each end. it has an ionic column. it was supposed to be a commemoration of the panama canal opening. he had these girls dancing at the dedication. he had a baby being pushed in a carriage. the sundial was dedicated at night. it is kind of a strange little thing. it is there and you can go see it. this is another before and after shot that shows it around 1900. this is in the 1950's. they started carving away. that building is still there. it is where the lakeside district is. i like the rocket. a well-known builder in the area, an admirer of henry ford, th
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 1:00am EST
cut parted has not been in the conversation at all and it's absurd because that is the crux of the problem. >> neil: we both had conversations with congressmen, they don't see any need to cut. the best they do is promise they will address next year? >> what is going to end up happening, if they did agree to some cuts and changes to entitlements, you will see tax increases immediately and then an agreement to cut spending down the road, changes to the entitlement programs down the road at some point. there isn't a sense of our seven describe -- urgency because you have the federal reserve willing to buy the nation's debt and buy more of it. so there isn't that urgency. we'll have taxes go up and spending, nothing. >> neil: let's say we don't get a deal. which is worse for wall street? >> i think kick the can. i will say this, when you talk to ceos they believe, i know it's not price in order the market, they are saying we're not going to get the deal. they say the dates to look forward if there is a chance to get a deal right before christmas. if we hit the january point wher
Dec 27, 2012 1:40am PST
ela, so i think and i've never it's a lie. meredith: ha ha! well, it works, no matter what. >> sorry, mom. meredith: it works, no matter what. a senior analyst from washington, d.c. brought along your friend kim in the audience. nice to see you, kim, as well. all right, jangela. however you got the name, you wear it very well. let's see the money in your round one. and there's all that money. now, computer, please randomize the money. and that's all hidden. here are the categories to your questions, and, computer, please randomize the questions. and now let's see where your double money is. ooh, it's the fourth question up. very close. that could be worth as much as $50,000 if there's 25,000 behind it. now that everything is all shuffled, are you ready, jangela? >> it's so surreal. yes, i'm ready. meredith: it is surreal. folks, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play "millionaire." [fanfare plays] all right, first question. "heteropaternal superfecundation" is the technical term to describe twins who have what? same eye color, different fathers, mirror image t
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
way to treat old friends? ha! i just stopped by to have a friendly chat with you. might be very interesting if the president of the mineral city bank were to know that his most trusted casheer, john medford, is really john merideth, a jailbird and a murderer. i paid for the mistake, dude, and made a fresh start. heh. oh, johnny boy. you wouldn't want anything to happen to that nice little wife or kid of yours, would you? would you?! alright, what do you want? you already know that. this visit is just to make sure. have that bank vault open for us tomorrow when we come in. i won't do it, dude! you won't do it? well this is a sample of what you'll get if you don't. hey, what's going on here?! you keep out of this! oh no you don't, stranger! ♪ ♪ ♪ now john, maybe you can tell me what this is all about. ♪ just a misunderstanding. a personal matter. why don't you keep your nose out of things that don't concern you? maybe i made a mistake. i guess maybe you did, and i aim to correct it later. this d
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am PST
that's a bass? >> brittany: 'cause it only has four strings. >> there you go. that's all you need to know is that bass players can only handle four strings. i believe this is called the explorer. james hetfield -- that's that kind of stuff -- metallica. the sound of the guitar depends on the wood and how much -- how heavy it is, how much wood is involved in the guitar, and, yes, it does affect the tone. i prefer more wood. that's why i like the single cutaway of the les paul. now, this should never be used unless your name is jimmy page. if ever -- i do not want to see anyone that isn't jimmy page with this because this is the "stairway to heaven" guitar. if you buy one, put it at home, hang it on the wall, and look at it. acoustics are harder to play than the electrics because the action and the width of the neck is a different style. that's the acoustic room, but i -- i don't... >> brittany: okay. >> and that's the gibson beverly hills showroom, and i hope you learned something. >> brittany: thank you so much for all your time. it's been great. >> it's been great. thank you, guy
Dec 30, 2012 7:30pm EST
never turns a hair. she grew up very poor. oh. sister evangelina: i imagine none of you girls has ever been inside a workhouse. they were designed to break the spirit. worse than dying. i'm turning myself in. [cheers and applause] male announcer: funding for "call the midwife" is provided by contributions to your pbs stations from viewers like you. thank you. [overlapping chatter] it's on! it's on! it's on! [laughter] hurry up, everyone! come on! [overlapping street vendors shouting] i can't see! [excited chatter] [festive music playing] [laughter] mature jenny, voice-over: my first christmas in poplar was unlike any other i had known. the streets, like all streets, were strung with colored lights, and children drew up lists, like children everywhere. as the days ticked down, it seemed as though the district was fizzing with delight. but at nonnatus house, a different magic was at work. the sisters spent advent in prayer and meditation, and the atmosphere was not one of excitement, but of expectant, joyous calm. i wasn't entirely sure what i should make of it. i was young, and faith wa
Dec 24, 2012 11:00am PST
since the tsunami in japan. and the theme of tonight, celebration has been one of the essential components of japan's role of habitation and construction. the open of the japanese people and the support of the international community has given our survival. japan is still on its way to recovery. but i wish once again, to thank you for your continued friendship and compassion. thank you very much. [ applause ] , thank you. >> our celebration tonight, demonstrates our community's dedication to this hope for world peace. love, acceptance, and and i hope that we will continue to create a trusting legacy, lasting legacy here in san francisco city hall. as linda mentioned and also the mayor lee said that this is the largest tree of origami so what a beautiful tree we have. for each crane on the tree contains a wish from all over the world. i am optimistic that our hope will grow just like this tree. may we make these wishes come true by allowing the cranes to fly towards their hopes and dreams. thank you, thank you very much and now i would like to exchange cranes with mayor. >> let's
Dec 14, 2012 8:30am PST
that has been so important to the mayor is making sure that we're attentive and listening to the streets and there is certainly no one better to know that than mayor lee who has been both our director of public works, then moved on to being city administrator, and now our mayor of our city. so, to make the announcement of this new program that will benefit merchants and small businesses up and down corridors like the one we're here on today, i'd like to invite further direction, mayor lee. thank you, mayor. (applause) >> thank you. it's great to be out here in sunset out in irving street. i should come out here every week, the dpw folk are cleaning the streets pretty well. [laughter] >> it's great to see all of you here today. you know, earlier this year, particularly during the budget negotiations, supervisor carmen chu and i and a number of other supervisors engaged in a lot of discussions about what our neighborhood small businesses could benefit from as we saw indications of our budget recovery. and clearly we understood and have always understood the role of small businesses. and th
Dec 18, 2012 1:35am EST
contrare. paradox? geoff? geoff: ha, ha, ha. craig: good night, everybody! captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. i'm anita brikman. derek is off tonight. we're going to have the latest on what happened in newtown, connecticut, in just a minute but police ask for your help to find a man who sexually assaulted a young girl in woodbridge. >> reporter: anita, the sister of the victim says that she is getting some rest tonight. it happened in a cul-de-sac not far from where we are standing in woodbridge, virginia. this is what happened. earlier police say a teen was inside the home. there was a knock, and when the teen opened the door, a man claimed to work for a cable company. he asked for a person and then the teen said that this person does not live here. so he leaves, but then he returns, this time he threatens the teen, forces himself inside the home. then forces the teen inside a bedroom and sexually assaults her. the teen, according to police, screamed and kicked at the man who then fled. now, we spoke to the sister earli
Dec 12, 2012 3:00pm PST
it would take? * this is a question that has been asked time and time again about whether or not we can actually bring this in-house or not. i think there is a fair amount of members on the board who are interested in exploring that idea. in terms of the logistics of it, would we be able to do that immediately in time for this budget? can you help us walk through that? what would be sort of your recommendation? would it be to go through an rfp process first and then to evaluate another time? can you just tell us logistically how it would work to do this? >> yes, madam chair. it's my advice that the committee directs me to competitively bid these services. i am happy to at the end of awarding that contract, be able to take some further time and investigate the actual details around the independence issue, the chain of command and who the budget analyst would report to, how our office would interact, how they would interact with the members of the board, where exactly they would be housed here at the board of supervisors. you could also direct me to investigate other jurisdictional cities
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm PST
indeed. this man has been the governor of egypt central bank for nine years now. only in the first year of his 04 year term. to this could have a major impact on the financial affairs. at the moment there is uncertainty about whether or not he has resigned. the prime minister's office has said he has not. we will have to clarify that in the hours to come. barry said against. egypt is facing economic uncertainty. the have come under immense pressure. there has been the issue that has been on the table for a number of months. this has been put on hold for a time. the governor of the central bank has been central. discussions have been put on hold because of what the imf has described as the political uncertainty surrounding the event in egypt. the referendum on a draft constitution. polls have been extended for a couple of hours. this is the second and final round of the voting. the result is not likely to satisfy anybody. >> once again the polls were kept open for four more hours into the night. have long turnout showed tha lines. they continue their boycott of the referendum. it defined
Dec 4, 2012 1:30am PST
prosecuted. he was 14 years old, he was put into what would be thought of now has a psychiatric facility. it was a child psychiatric facility. he underwent all kinds of treatment, training, came out, went back to school. it really went through recovery. and then graduated high school, went to community college, and i would like someone to guess what profession he wound up going into. law enforcement. he was not with the lapd. he was with a smaller police department for 30 years. he has since retired. he has been married twice. he has raised four children. he has lived an extraordinary life. i am grateful for having had him in my life as a guidepost. i do think it is the ultimate irony that he turned out to be a police officer. >> we have some other questions. very good questions. we do not have much time. i work at san quentin prison. they segregate inmates based on color and gangs. why do prisons not work on educating inmates on social relations, racial tolerance, and why don't they find a way so the different races can get to know each other? >> i would like to enter that. segregation
Dec 27, 2012 6:30pm PST
was not in the fun house. she was in a glass thing at the fun house. it was an animatronics robot who went "ha ha ha ha" all day and scared generations of san franciscans out of their wits. it has a month-to-month lease at fisherman's wharf. >> they moved it to this temporary location at fisherman's wharf. they left an unusual little treasure of the city. >> ingleside terraces, again, i was trying to show off the residence park. a lot of crazy building. for still has one of the great stairways -- forest hill has one of the greats their ways. -- great stairways. this looked like a ship. they used to decorate fire houses for christmas. >> on the side of this fire house is a wooden tower. the tower was for drying the hoses. after they get water in them, they have to be dried. >> a fire house like this is for sale. if you have $1.3 million, which is really cheap enough for a firehouse -- >> one in the inner sunset was just sold. >> was it? i want to buy a streetcar. i cannot pay my rent. >> there were two of these for pumping water out of the ground. murphy gave a lot of money for it. >> what decided th
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
used a box cutter to injury three family members. it all happened at an apartment. the woman has been arrested. >>> and in oakland, a man cleaning out his basement found more than five pounds of dynamite. he called police and the alameda county bomb squad showed up to remove the tnt. about a dozen neighbors were evacuated. the explosives had been there for more than 30 years. they date back to world war ii. >>> the debate over gun control has moved to one over privacy over protection. the new york journal news got data by filing freedom of information request. the maps don't show whether the residents actually own guns, just that they're legally able to. george gascon says it's an unfortunate circumstance. >> the people that are actually registering the guns and following all the rules, they're law-abiding citizens and they should be protected. >> the new york journal news is standing behind the project. >>> gun buy-back programs here in the bay area are proving to be a big hit. in los angeles, city officials moved up the date of the city's annual buy-back program following the newtow
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
for christmas. i think robby knows it too but he's just trying to cheer me up. has mr. talbot been gone long? six months. i have prayed he would give up this crazy search of his but its gone on too long. i'm sure he's afraid to return home a failure. him want gold that bad? oh i'm not blaming him, really. after all he's doing it for me and for robby. but it's become so important to him. i sometimes wonder if he's forgotten the things he left behind? gold fever does strange things to a man, mrs. talbot. do you hear from him at all? well the letters don't come very often. he moves from camp to camp ya know. he tries so hard to be cheerful but i know how it must be for him. at this moment i have no idea where he is. has he given up his business completely? yes. ben's always had the idea that unless he was rich, robby and i wouldn't be happy. oh he's so wrong. all we ever wanted was to be together and to be a family. boy say him saddle maker? there are plenty need for men like him. i know. if only he would realize that we love him for himself. you know all robby dreams of is to be as good a sadd
Dec 10, 2012 2:30pm PST
. >> we begin the show with what has been a day of celebration for the european union. >> the three senior figures representing the eu have been in the norwegian capital, oslo, to collect the nobel peace prize. it was awarded to the 27-member bloc for six decades of promoting peace, democracy, and human rights. >> however, not everyone is happy. some have asked whether the price is justified at that time when the eu is mired in economic and financial -- the prize is justified at that time when the eu is mired in economic and financial crisis. desmond tutu says it is an organization based on military force. >> coveted award was accepted with pride by the eu's 3 president, martin schulz, herman van rompuy, and jose manuel barroso. the standing ovation they received was a rare accolade for the eu in these tough economic times. >> in light of the financial crisis that is affecting so many innocent people, we can see that the political framework in which the union is rooted is more important than ever. we must stand together. we have a collective responsibility. without this european cooperatio
Dec 30, 2012 9:00am EST
wash with soap all over my body ♪ ♪ washy washy washy wash until my body is clean ha! ha! ha! (he gasps.) hey i have an idea. want to make believe with me? let's make believe that we are sailing too! - ♪ welcome to the water world there's so many bubbles around you ♪ - ♪ doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo ♪ - ♪ bring all your friends and come with me to sail the soapy seas ♪ - ♪ sailing sailing sailing sailing, sail the soapy seas ♪ - ♪ bath time fun for you and me-ee ♪ ♪ with bubbles as far as the eye can see ♪ - ♪ sailing sailing sailing sailing, sail the soapy seas ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ wasn't that grr-ific? - ready to rinse the bubbles off, daniel? - aw, rinse? already? - yes. do you want your rinse song? - ok! - ♪ rinse rinse rinse your fur, rinse-y rinse-y rinse ♪ ♪ rinse until your done ♪ all clean. - all clean! - ok, time to get out of the bath my fuzzy little wet tiger. let's wrap you up in a towel and drain the bathtub. - goodbye, bubbles. see you next bath. dad, could i ever go down the drain? - oh, no, you are too big to fit do
Dec 11, 2012 1:30am PST
to a path of self- determination. >> it is the mayor's youth employment program. the mayor has made a commitment to employ as many youth as possible. that is something that we hope will help. i want to thank all of our panelists today. give them a round of applause. [applause] >> the way we structured this panel, a short presentation to introduce the topic of neuroscience. then we will go to ask questions of all the different members. [applause] >> thank you very much for that kind introduction, for the invitation. i am a narrow scientists. i studied your -- i am a new row scientist. i study your brain. what neuroscience might have to offer in terms of understanding individuals to buy a different personality disorders are problems or mental illness. your first client that you are studying is named brad. he has a normal iq, he has been divorced and remarried. he has no history of psychiatric illness. oddly, has worked as a correctional officer for a while. he has worked as a schoolteacher. 16 years ago, he hit his head and knocked himself unconscious. no kind of neurological events f
Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
! mommy, tell it to stop! - [ barking ] - [ nervous laughing ] >> tell it to stop. [ whimpers ] whew. ha! almost lost my cool there. >> ha! >> almost lost my cool there. quiet snow filled the air. all the whos were all dreaming sweet dreams without care... >> all the windows were dark and the hoos were dreaming. but if santa could do it, then so could the grinch. >> he would slide down the chimney, a rather tight pinch, but if santa could do it, so could the grinch. >> it is very difficult. a high degree of difficulty. ck only once, for a moment or two. blasted water weight. goes right to my hips. >> he got stuck only once for a moment or two. plastic water weight goes right to my hips. [ narrator ] then he stuck his head out of the fireplace flue-- shh! a little more stealth, please. [ whispering ] where the little who stockings all hung in a row. >> he stuck his head out of the fire place. and the stockings hung in a row. >> they are the first thing to go. okay, fellows, chow time. [ sucking air ] [ squeaks ] [ murmuring ] - [ barks ] - [ sucking air ] [ cackling ] [ narrator ] then he
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
, it has been busy out there. >> we are a car culture and the experts tell us half of washington, d.c. travelers taking their vehicles on the road. gas prices are down and traffic on the highways is up. it's be christmas eve eve. >> take a rest. get a drink and keep going. >> a loaded car and carrier. >> with my mother it is not easy to get her on a plane. >> her ride packed with family presents, a and the beagle. >> it is 32 miles to the gallon. >> he is not alone on i-95 south in dale city. >> now, we're not moving at all. >> this is typical. >> dorothy is one of the 83 million americans hitting the roads this weekend. >> right around here it gets bad, it speeds up and slows down. >> all talk at the rest stops is 7% fall in gas prices make the car a better choice than a plane. even if you are the jazz family driving from montreal to florida. >> here it is $50 and $100 in canada. >> aaa says only 6% of travelers are flying. 100,000 are taking trains or buses. >> it took me $40 to fill up my tank. >> at least this time around the car is king. even if
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
be fine, dale. mighty fine. it sounds fine, scotty. what are you going to do about jewel? jewel? oh, ha ha, i found a place for jewel where she won't have to work at all. all that mule has to do is to stand there and eat sweet, juicy green grass all day. i'd never forget jewel. well, so long, dale. bye, scotty. i would never forget you, little jewel. poor old scotty. he thinks everything that glitters is gold. usually nothing but felspar. don't bother, it isn't worth anything. scotty's quite a character. ha ha yeah, he has a claim somewhere out in the mountains just across the desert. comes in every now and then to get supplies. maybe he will strike it rich sometime. you put out a mighty good meal, miss. thank you! come in again! you know, we've got a lot to look forward to, my lady. oh, it's going to be fine, honey. just fine. i'll tell you that. wonder if them fellas is following us, jewel. we better find out. ♪ ♪ now you stay here, old gal. i don't want you getting hurt just when you're starting to enjoy livi
Dec 21, 2012 5:30am PST
this village was attacked and why so many people were killed. >> an american citizen has been detained in north korea, accused of committing a crime against the government. to khas the north korean state media, who they say this man came in on a tour of the northeastern city and was put into custody by a relevant institution. evidence proving that he committed a crime against the democratic people's republic of korea was revealed. he admitted his crime, they say. u.s. interests in p'yongyang. they say legal actions are being taken against him in line with criminal procedure law of the dprk. a little over a week ago, a u.s. korean men was in custody. he is said to be the operator of a tour company based in beijing that specializes in tours to north korea, and the u.s. state department said they were aware of these reports and that the welfare of their citizens with their chief concern. in 2009, there were two instances of khas u.s. citizens been jailed in north korea, the first in march, accused of trying to cross illegally into the border. later a christian activist was jailed and eventually re
Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
that the indian woman who was gang raped in delhi earlier this month that has caused national average has died. she was being treated at a hospital in singapore where she was on life-support. in india, her brutal attack triggered nationwide protests. the authorities struggling to contain the growing anger. we have received a statement from a doctor, the chief executive of the hospital where she was being looked after. "we are very sad to report the patient passed away peacefully at 4: 40 5:00 a.m. today singapore time. her family and officials from the high commission of india were at her side. we join her family in mourning her loss. the patient had remained in extremely critical condition since admission to hospital from the morning of december 27. despite all efforts by a team of eight specialists in the hospital to keep per staple, her condition continued to deteriorate over the past two days. she suffered from severe organ failure suffering serious injuries to her body and brain. she was the victim of a gang rape on a bus in delhi, leading to days of street protests. the government using
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
woman who was gang raped in delhi has died at. last-minute talks at the white house over the fiscal cliff ends with no announcement of a deal. a 6-year-old british girl abducted by her father and taken to pakistan is reunited with her mother in the u.k. welcome to "bbc world news." also to come, no where to pray for moslems in athens. and a quite at hollywood that revolution, making big returns to the silver screen. >>> breaking news coming to us from singapore. in the past few minutes, it was just announced that the indian woman who was gang raped in delhi earlier this month that has caused national average has died. she was being treated at a hospital in singapore where she was on life-support. in india, her brutal attack triggered nationwide protests. the authorities struggling to contain the growing anger. we have received a statement from a doctor, the chief executive of the hospital where she was being looked after. "we are very sad to report the patient passed away peacefully at 4: 40 5:00 a.m. today singapore time. her family and officials from the high commission of india w
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm EST
... has been charged with attempted murder... murder... karen parks... live... at police headquarters.../ and ... says the officer... involved was grazed by a bulllt.... 30 year old briin dargan remaans in custody today....he is being held on a twenty five thousand dollar bail....//take vo// 3 33& investigators say dargan was taken to st joseph's medicaalcenter for treatment gurrey railing.... during the h- examination the hospital employee noticed a needll in phe suspects garments.....when she aatempted to take the needle the suspect grabbed hee arm....that's when tte officer pnd the suspect beean struggliing....the suspect tried to grab thh officers weapon...the gun jaameddthen -. "we'vv discoverrd....... before gong into the wall." 3 a... harrord county... teen ...charggd with ... girl... is... jail. a ... judge ...granted bail ...for... 16-year-old... alessandro... lori ...//. ..who... waa after... - police say... he attacked a teenage girl... at a party... in... forest hill....//police... say... hh
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Dec 26, 2012 12:00am PST
't exactly a hip song at that time. >> bill: something really strange is happening. doocy has got them all right. he is four for four. you can't beat him. >> dave garaway was the first host of the today show on nbc. he famously had a look. don't forget now i'm looking at you. no i'm not looking at you. take your mouth out of my kiddi? >> bill: is he at a chimpanzee retirement center of course is he. located where? cards up please, come on, let's go. >> if i'm a chimp i want to go to florida. >> got them all right, doocy. >> he is not a civilian, is -- girl: don't look at me. second girl: your hair's a bit frizzy today. aw! ha ha! you should pick that up. announcer: every day, kids witness bullying. poor you. ha ha! they want to help but don't know how. teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit representing -- if you would like to win great prizes sign up on bill o' i picked this category for maccallum. >> thank you. >> bill: went with the gangsters. >> gangster notwhat can i do? >> character don core was based on several real life. character johnny
Dec 10, 2012 2:30pm PST
: we will get to "the black box." tell me about that black man, frank morgan. >> frank has a wonderful story. i got to know him a little before he passed away. he overcame a lot to make beautiful music. he was pretty well known within the jazz world, but i do not think enough people know his story. that was the impetus to try to put together a film about it. tavis: what is the story line that drives you to produce a documentary? >> he was the air apparent to charlie byrd parton. he went down a bad pass. got into drugs. , ended up spending about 28 years in prison. between the first up, and his second, 30 years went by. when he came back, he came out a gentle soul with a message. do not take the path i took. thews music to survive his the pressures, and so forth. do not go down that path. he worked the clubs. but he always stopped and told his story whenever he got a chance. he did this with me a few times. he would talk to kids about it. that is a story we have heard before. but this guy lived a tough life and overcame it, and left behind a great stuff. tavis: after 20 years of prison,
FOX Business
Dec 25, 2012 1:00pm EST
: is that true? true? more people than charity ever has. then, what scares you? are you scared of flying? bis is much more likely to killl you. and finally, it's your duty. i i say, say some of you shouldn't vote. because o some of you don't know much. >> do you know who this is? >> looks like will ferrell. john: do you both? maybe you shouldn't if you don't know who these people are. >speaker you are correct. john: your instinct is probably wrong. that's our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. [applauding] john: what does your brain tl you that america should do about our problem? we have plenty. a lot of people are poor. we should spread the wealth around. i hear busesses raise prices and gouge people. foreigners sneak into america and take american jobs, there ought to be a law, government ought to do something. that's just the way pple think, it's instinct. i have to admit how i used to think, took me decades to realize i was wrong, passing a law often does more harm than good. and progress comes from millions of individuals acting to make themselves better off g
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm EST
, and there has been no progress at all and avoiding the fiscal glove. the white house plan is just the opposite, that progress is being made toward a bipartisan agreement. there is no dispute about the fact that we are now 28 days frrm going over the fiscal cliff with no talks taking place between either side and more troubling, no talks scheduled between the president and house speaker. we take all of this up here tonight with former special assistant to president george w. bush, veten democratic politicos strategist and republican pollster. president obama issued a warning to syrian leader declaring there will be consequences if syria uses chemical weapons on its own people. the president's steered clear of defining those consequens. egis political crisis is widening cajon. a general strikeo protest the presence unrestricted new powers. in this country's hospits that deadly new bacteria that is more than just drug-resistant, it is draw prevent spreading. just how high is that this book of? we begin tonight with the fiscal clef which produced more far spent progress rejecting the speaker of th
Dec 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
working with keefus green was amazing. he has a way of making these musical soundscapes... ♪ that are just spectacular, and you have no idea what they are, but they just sound magical, and jon brion, he's this, like, willy wonka of music, basically. you know, i've idolized him for such a long time, and he would just come in and play the pump organ or play the guitar, play some keyboards, and then sort of wander out. ♪ >> "inside washington" is brought you in part by the american federation of government employees, proud to make america work. for more information about afge and membership, visit >> production assistance for "inside washington" was provided by allbritton communications and politico, reporting on the legislative, executive, and political arena. >> here we are at the 11th hour, and the president still is in serious about dealing with this .ssue right here i it is this issue, spending. >> this week on "inside washington," more fiscal cliff notes. susan rice takes her name off the board. >> i did not want to see a confirmation process that was ve
Dec 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
crime in this tight-knit community has escalated. first they dealt with petty crime like graffiti then robbery. >> they totally kicked in our front door in broad daylight and ransacked our house. >> the latest crime the murder of 56-year-old old man on tuesday night in front of his house. his daughter says he had just gone home from work. police don't have a motive but neighbors think it was a robbery. >> he is a great person. last night he needed me. i wasn't there. >> reporter: the murder sped up efforts to secure this development. there are three ways to get in and out and the homeowners association plans to mount surveillance cameras at all three places to monitor those who come and go. >> use the system to go after those who do dumping or do robberies. >> reporter: the city of oakland also gave the green light to put up a gate at the entrance on this privately owned street. but a company next to the housing development vows to sue the homeowners if they put up a gate. a resolution is nowhere in sight after months of negotiation. >> if we had a gate this may not have happened.
Dec 23, 2012 5:30am PST
stories on al jazeera. italian prime minister says the country has pulled itself out of the financial crisis. controversy continues in egypt. loyalists say voters have approved the constitution. the opposition says it is a sham. a man known as a little monsters signals the beginning of the end of his illustrious career. -- a man known as the little master signals the beginning of the end of his illustrious career. police have used water cannons and tear gas to disperse crowds. people have been voicing anger over the gang rape of a 22-year- old woman. protesters are demanding the death penalty for those accused of the rape as well as better protection for women in india. let's get the latest from new delhi. what is happening now? >> the protesters are very upset. they have been going to protest against the gang rape. they are saying groups with political ambitions have taken over. that is what caused the costs. there has been police retaliation with teargas and water cannons. the situation is very tense. >> what about the prospect for the trial itself? i imagine the public outcry will
Dec 16, 2012 3:00pm PST
. feels like the coldest time of winter on capitol hill. >> there has not been any progress. >> the president and his allies have taken so many things off the table the only thing left is varnish. >> charles, are we going off the cliff? >> look, it is almost impossible to predict. the republicans are in such disarray that they may take on december 30. if they don't, we are, because the president feels so confident that the white house is so cocky after the victory and had election day and the upper hand. he has not offered much. in the absence of any movement on his side, to do something serious, instead of a fig leaf on spending and entitlements, republicans will be reluctant to give him what he wants. we could go over the cliff, but you could have a cave on the last day. >> evan, according to the nbc news poll, a majority of republicans for the rest time what their leaders to compromise. will they? >> doesn't look like it right now. one of the problems is that it is not a fiscal cliff, it is a fiscal slope. it really is not a hard deadline. my guess is that it will slide i
FOX News
Dec 21, 2012 9:00pm PST
the purpose driven life has been read by more than 60 million people worldwide and currently bel rereleased to celebrate its 10th anniversary. i sat down with pastor warren to talk about the meaning of christmas. what does christmas mean to rick warren? >> the very first christmas the angels said three things. those three things are the three purposes of christmas. celebration. salvation. reconciliation. here are the three things. the first thing the angel announced is is i bring you good news of great joy which will be for all people. christmas is a time to celebrate and america right now needs to sel celebrate. people are down and discouraged. we had four, nearly five years of bad economic news. we need a party. [ laughter ] >> we need to celebrate. >> when pastor warren says you need a party, all right. >> i bring you good news of great joy. by the way which shall be for all people. >> sean: can we turn the water into wine, too, in the process? >> it christmas is not just for christians. which hall be for all people. it is for all people. a time for celebration. >> the angel said behold
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 7:00pm PST
point he has to run out of ammunition. even if he has extended magazines, at some point he has to reload. so the scene i have in my mind is these babies between the ages of 5 and 10, as this grown up. these are children who have never seen evil. these are children who are in the flower of innocence. here is a grown up dressed in camo and starts killing the children. can you imagine the children screaming and then he is reloading and the dead children and there is the children yet to be killed and in this moment just imagine the terror before he kills them. it is so unconscionable. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera live on location in newtown, connected cut. scene of the murder of 20 children. six adults teaching and caring for them. as expressions of horror and sympathy poor in this picturesque new england town for millions of americans from the white house, from leaders around the world, even from the pope himself. we ask why. why would anyone perpetrate this terror against defenseless children? why would anybody massacre boys and girls who cannot comprehend the d
Dec 18, 2012 2:00am PST
pregnancy in time. the case has turned the spotlight on an issue which is seldom discussed publicly in the catholic country. irish women have taken to the streets demanding the laws be changed. >> not the church, not the state, women will decide their fate. >> never before have the irish people campaigned so hard for the right to abortion. they are calling for the church and state to stay out of issues related to their bodies. this woman's face can be seen all over posters here. campaigners say what happened to her must never happen again. they are fighting against ireland's strict anti-abortion laws, which they say scared doctors out of giving her an abortion. >> i feel it is a very important issue for women and we're treated as second-class citizens in our country. i feel it is my body and my business and not the business of anybody inside that building to tell me what i can and cannot do. >> it is very important for us to separate church and medical decisions. there is still far too much of a religious influence on things. >> irish women seeking abortion are forced to go abroad.
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